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Free Event - Baby Bar Final Drill - Substantive Lecture - Saturday, June 15th
Free Event - Baby Bar Final Drill - Substantive Lecture

Exam Books

Fleming's Fundamentals of Law is your go-to resource for comprehensive exam books and study aids. With the recent acquisition of the esteemed Seigel Series and a selection of other notable publications, Fleming's continues to expand its repertoire, offering an even broader range of materials to support your legal studies and exam preparation. These resources are meticulously crafted to enhance understanding and retention of legal principles, ensuring a robust and effective learning experience.

  • Fleming's Essay Exam Writing Workbook Volume 2 is a self-instruction manual that includes 15 bar exam practice tests and detailed instructions on how to master the skills of issue spotting, analysis, and writing. It covers three subjects – Evidence, Property, and Civil Procedure – with five bar exam questions each, accompanied by sample IRAC outlines and answers to help you hone your skills.

    Exam Workbook: Multistate, Vol. 2

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    Equip yourself for success on multiple-choice exams with Fleming's Multistate Volume 2. This self-instruction manual provides detailed methods and ...

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