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Private Tutoring — For Your Law School and Bar Journey

Whether you’re a repeat Bar Taker, an out-of-state attorney, or have never set foot in law school, Fleming’s private bar exam tutors can help you maximize your learning potential and shorten your study time. If you have taken the bar exam and have not passed, we will find out why, and assist you in fixing it. Even first-time takers have distinctive needs and exam problems our staff can spot and resolve.

If you’re having trouble with a particular skill or concept that you can’t master on your own, you can meet with our attorneys who will concentrate on your particular learning needs and customize your learning process. Fleming’s private bar exam tutors customize each tutorial session to your specific needs in order to optimize and personalize your learning experience as much as possible.

Our excellent legal professors and expert writers will offer you personalized feedback. The lectures are well-paced and never boring. We know how to make dry material interesting. Flemings has been doing this for a long time and numerous students who passed law schools and bar exams stand as a testament to our effective tutoring.

Whether you need to concentrate on essay skills, passing the MBE, Performance training, substantive law, or anything in between, our private bar exam tutors will structure your sessions according to your individual goals.

Our attorneys know what you need to pass the exam and impart that knowledge in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement format with care and respect.

Why Choose Fleming's for Private Tutoring?

We have a staff of hands-on instructors and tutors who pride themselves on being available and responsive to answer any concern or question you might have. They come from top schools across the country, including Harvard and Stanford. While you do have to study and be able to solve problems on your own, we know those bar students who get answers to their questions are able to reduce their anxiety and learn better.

Take the “memorizing” out of the exam process. We will teach you the law and how to apply it on exams. Such instruction will maximize your legal knowledge and reasoning skills to help you develop the analytical skills needed to pass every law school exam and finally the bar exam. You will have no trouble repeating our successful strategies. Moreover, they will minimize your anxiety and stress and maximize your results on exam days.

If you would rather use your time to study instead of fighting commute, traffic, and parking, our e-learning programs will fit your needs perfectly. You can take our one-on-one tutoring session either in person, but they are as equally effective over an online platform.

The pressure to pass the first time, perfectionism, staying or falling asleep, health issues — all of the factors determine how well you pass your exam. We understand this and work with you to help you get what you want out of the law. We will give you the extra knowledge, game plan, and confidence you need to pass any law school exam or bar exam with flying colors.