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Your 1st Year of Law School Outlines

You are in law school and your success depends on your ability to learn the law and apply it on your law school exams.

Fleming's Fundamentals of Law shows you how to develop and perfect your legal skills with its substantive law lectures and outlines, exam writing workshops, law school exam tips, and many other first-year law school outlines and supplements.

Fleming's + L = Vision

Fleming's Edge law school study guides take the guesswork out of what to study, how to study, and how to demonstrate legal reasoning skills. When using Fleming's Edge 1L study resources, you quickly learn the law, how to prepare for law school exams, and how to develop and perfect the skills you need to succeed in law school.

Resources Include

  • First-year law school outlines, that streamline the time it takes to learn the law;
  • Substantive law reviews combined with test-taking approaches and checklists that give you the methods, strategies, and techniques to learn and apply the law to facts;
  • Essay Exam Writing Workshops that teach you how to analyze and apply the law to law school exams;
  • Essay and Multiple-Choice Exam Books that provide you with opportunities to practice and perfect the reasoning skills you must demonstrate on law school exams;
  • Private tutorial services with law school professor attorneys, who maximize your learning experience through tutoring sessions customized to your particular needs.

1st Year of Law School: Successful Beginnings

After 40 years as a legal education provider, Fleming's Edge knows you must not only study hard - you must study smart. You do not have unlimited time to spend figuring out how to get the most from your study process.

Fleming's Edge materials are the best law school exam prep books and resources anywhere because they eliminate your need to reinvent the wheel. They offer you substantive law reviews, substantive law outlines, exam writing workshops, exam workbooks, private tutorial services, and other resources that maximize your learning and minimize the time it takes you to accomplish your objectives.

Benefits As A 1L

Success is your first-year goal. Fleming's substantive law reviews, substantive law outlines, exam writing workshops, exam workbooks, and private tutorial services teach you how to learn the law, develop your analytical skills, and study smart to get the most out of your study time. The sooner you learn the law and develop the critical reasoning skills you need, the greater your success will be. Fleming's Fundamentals of Law shows you how.