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1L Survival Bundle

1L Bundle

Congratulations, 1L! You have worked hard to get into law school and are smartly considering Fleming's Fundamentals of Law to guide you along the way.

Gain the Fleming’s Edge™ with your 1L Survival Bundle

Fleming's has crafted a comprehensive program for 1Ls, equipping them with the legal knowledge, writing power, issue-spotting abilities, and strategies they need to shine in law school! Success is within reach with this invaluable set of skills and tips!

Sail through Law School with the Fleming's Edge!

Materials Include:

✅ Fleming's Exam Prep Essay Writing Workshop (teaches you how to analyze and demonstrate an organized essay exam answer with step-by-step writing techniques, exam methods and strategies, and demonstration with line-by-line analysis of five in-class hypotheticals)

✅ One hour of Private Tutoring (Fleming's tutors are law professors and CA-licensed attorneys)

✅ 1L Final Exam Solution™ course subjects (choose first or second semester):

✅ Each Law School Exam Solution™ course combines a six-hour lecture with substantive law outlines, legal essay exam analysis with demonstration, exam approaches, and issue-spotting checklists. 

✅ The opportunity to submit Practice Exams to our attorney readers for critique and feedback (because practice makes permanent)

✅ Access to Fleming’s Edge eLearning Platform (with 24-hour Online Delivery)