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Flemings Fundamentals of Law

Baby Bar Bundle

Baby Bar Bundle

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Baby Bar Bundle

Our Baby Bar Bundle is an intensive four-day course offering the most complete program of instruction and written materials available to students preparing to take the Baby Bar Examination.

Topics Covered

  • Contracts, UCC, Torts, and Criminal Law
  • Substantive law with examination analysis
  • Exam-taking techniques, approaches, and issue-spotting checklists

Course Overview

This workshop integrates substantive law with examination analysis by not only teaching the law but also demonstrating its practical application.

It is our most comprehensive review. It includes important components to your success on the Baby Bar Examination:

  • Baby Bar Review (Self-Paced or Cohort-Paced)
  • Essay Exam Writing Workshop
  • Exam Critique
  • 2 Hours of Private Tutoring
  • Hundreds of essay exams with model answers
  • Thousands of real NCBE-licensed MBE FAQs
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