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Bar Review: Last Time Bar Prep™ - Guided (For the Experienced Bar-Taker)


Taking the California bar examination once is hard enough. But, what if you find yourself in the position you hoped not to be in: having to take it again. Well, the good news is you have experience. And, you now have some feedback from the bar examiners themselves on your strengths and weaknesses, so you have a better idea where to focus your time and energy.

Why You Need Fleming's Last Time Bar Prep™

Fleming’s has prepared a program specifically targeted to assist those of you who have already experienced the bar exam, without success. It offers you a personalized program that allows you to work with an experienced bar expert to assess what you need. The bar mentor will oversee your program with bi-weekly check ins to make sure you are progressing and are prepared to take the bar exam one last time.

Materials Include

Fleming's Last Time Bar Prep™ offers you a personalized program that allows you to work with an experienced bar expert to oversee your program with biweekly check-ins to make sure you are progressing and are prepared to take the bar exam:

✅ Initial consultation with a bar mentor to: (1) review your prior bar examination scores; and (2) devise a personalized plan for you

✅ Bi-weekly meetings with your bar mentor to keep you on track, monitor your progress, and adjust your schedule, if necessary

✅ All necessary bar exam subject review materials and lectures

✅ Three specific workshops to address all three bar test formats, including Fleming's Edge:™ (1) Exam Prep Essay Writing Workshop; (2) Performance Test Workshop; and (3) MBE Multistate Workshop - Science of the MBE

✅ Access to AdaptiBar to practice and perfect your performance on the MBE

✅ Graded essays and performance tests (because Practice Makes Passing!)

All submitted writing assignments are critiqued by Fleming's staff of private bar exam professors via audio feedback. Fleming's Edge™ staff attorneys are available to answer your questions by telephone or e-mail Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

More Fleming's Bar Review Resources:

Fleming's Edge Guided Bar Review

  • In addition to all materials and resources provided in the Last Time Bar Prep program, Fleming's Edge™ Guided Bar Review includes two volumes of carefully developed substantive law outlines in the all California Bar subjects, essay exam writing assignments, and a Bar Exam Essay Supplement with 185 exam hypotheticals, IRAC model outlines/answers, passing student answers. All of these materials are used in class.

Personalize your Learning Experience with Custom Tutoring

  • If you want to personalize your learning experience, try custom tutoring. Fleming's tutors are professors of law and CA-licensed attorneys. Our tutors will help you master substantive concepts and test formats (essay and performance).

Premier Bar Review with 23-Hours of Private Tutoring. A Full Emersion Learning Experience

  • If you want full emersion in your learning experience, enjoy a steep discount on Fleming's Premier - Last Time Bar Review and Tutorial. Our Premier Tutorial Package provides you with a full-service bar review course and 23-hours of personalized, individual tutoring with a law professor and expert bar exam tutor. You and your bar exam tutor will chart the schedule for your tutorial sessions according to your own personal study needs.