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Performance Exam Solution Manual


The Performance Exam Solution® Manual gives you what you need to pass the 90-minute Performance Exam (MPT) tested in California and throughout the U.S. It includes a 55-page, step-by-step introduction to the Performance method together with eight MPT bar exam sample questions with model outlines and answers.

The Performance Exam Solution® Manual presents Fleming's step-by-step Performance method for analyzing, organizing, and writing a passing Performance exam answer. The Performance bar exam practice tests with sample model outlines and answers that are included demonstrate proper outlining and writing technique.

Master the 90-Minute Performance Test

Why you need the Performance Exam Solution Manual

The Performance Exam Solution® Manual is presented to teach you not only what the Performance exam testing format requires, but also how to develop the analytical, organizational, and writing techniques necessary to produce a superior Performance exam answer. The eight 90-minute Performance bar exam questions with sample outlines and answers demonstrate proper outlining technique and writing presentation.

Materials Include

A 55-page introduction followed by eight 90-minute Performance exams with sample outlines and answers.

For those of you who want a full service Performance Exam Workshop that includes 19 hours of in-class instruction, 13 Performance exams with sample model outlines and answers, plus the opportunity to write four Performance exams that you may submit to Fleming's for feedback and grading, click on this Performance Exam Workshop link to get more details.