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Free Event - Baby Bar Final Drill - Substantive Lecture - Saturday, June 15th
Free Event - Baby Bar Final Drill - Substantive Lecture

Bar Review Advanced Analysis

Experience maximum success on exam day with our comprehensive one-hour course. Explore every subject through our expertly crafted big-picture overview, covering all essential topics and subtopics. Utilize our checklists, approaches, and bar exam questions with answers to ensure a thorough understanding and optimal test-taking strategies. Trust in our proven methods to help you achieve your goals.

Topics Covered

Agency & Partnership, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts/Remedies, Corporations, Criminal Law/Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Professional Responsibility, Real Property, Torts/Remedies, Wills, Trusts, Community Property.

Course Presentation

Experience the ultimate advantage with Bar Review Advanced Analysis. This comprehensive collection covers all 15 exam subjects and includes detailed outer checklists to pinpoint key issues. But wait, there's more! Inner checklists are also provided to highlight overlooked subtleties. Plus, expertly crafted approaches for writing these issues, three practice tests, and sample answers are all at your disposal. And here's the best part - you'll receive personal audio feedback from one of our experienced bar exam tutor attorneys when you submit your own essay answer. This invaluable feedback will not only showcase your strengths, but also identify areas for improvement to elevate your essay expertise. Don't miss out on this essential resource for conquering the California bar exam.

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