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Flemings Fundamentals of Law

CA Guided Bar Review

CA Guided Bar Review

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CA Guided Bar Review

The CA Guided Bar Review prepares you for both the essay and performance formats tested on the CA Bar Attorney's Exam. Our Bar Review is accessible 24/7 through our e-learning platform, so you work on your own schedule.

Topics Covered

  • All Bar Exam subject reviews
  • Three specific workshops to address all three test formats on the bar exam:
    • Essay Writing Workshop
    • Performance Examination Solution MPT Workshop
    • Science of the MBE

Course Overview

Our Guided Bar Review offers a personalized program that allows you to work with an experienced bar expert to oversee your program with biweekly check-ins.

We provide you with:

  • Two volumes of substantive law outline in all California bar subjects
  • A 150-page writing workbook
  • An extensive performance manual (with practice performance exams)
  • A past bar exam book with 185 exam hypotheticals, IRAC model outlines/answers, and passing student answers
  • One-hour initial consultation with a bar mentor to devise a personalized plan just for you
  • Bi-weekly meetings with your bar mentor to keep you on track, monitor your progress, and adjust your schedule
  • Two volumes of carefully developed substantive law outlines
  • Access to AdaptiBar to practice and perfect your performance on the MBE
  • Three specific workshops to address all three bar test formats (essay, performance, and multistate)
    • Graded essays and performance tests
    • 1-hour interactive group Zoom meeting (one month prior to the exam) with a seasoned professor of law who will discuss the most recent CA Bar Exam and a prediction of testable issues based on recently tested subjects
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