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Revisiting a Classic: Law Dawg Attacks Exams – "Yo quiero Fleming’s!"

Revisiting a Classic: Law Dawg Attacks Exams – "Yo quiero Fleming’s!"

[For the month of February, we're revisiting some of our favorite posts from the past few years - starting by putting our best paw forward] 

During his first semester of law school, Law Dawg found himself in a dog-eat-dog world. He felt like he was chasing his tail as he jumped through one hoop after another without any real guidance. Then, when it came time for midterm exams, he could not pick up the scent because he had spent all his time gobbling up the law without sinking his teeth into the techniques he needed to take a law exam.

After midterms, Law Dawg found himself in the dog house. Despite his earnest efforts to lap up the law, he received low grades on his exams, and his professors made it no secret that they had a bone to pick with him. Law Dawg quickly learned that if he didn't bone up on his exam skills, he would be sitting on the curb without a Dillon v. Legg to stand on.

Not being one to put his tail between his legs, Law Dawg dug around for tasty morsels he needed to succeed. He sniffed out Fleming's and got his paws on the FLEMING'S EXAM WRITING WORKSHOP. Like a dog with a bone, Law Dawg chewed through the material, inhaling each tidbit like a bloodhound on the trail. Through this process, Law Dawg discovered that WHAT it takes to have his day is HOW to take a law exam.

After wolfing down the mouth-watering methods presented in the Fleming's Exam Writing Workshop, Law Dawg pressed the paws button, licked his chops, and cut to the chase. He dug up exam hypotheticals with sample answers for each of his classes in the FLEMING'S EXAM WRITING WORKBOOKS. He attacked each exam, one-after-another until he mastered the exam skill. With this consistent obedience training, he fetched top dog status when he took his finals.

In his second semester, Law Dawg ramped up his game. He retrieved FLEMING'S SUBSTANTIVE LAW EXAM SOLUTIONS for his Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law classes. He chowed down on the bite-sized, 4-hour lectures with substantive law outlines and exams that accompanied each subject title. Law Dawg wagged his tail as each subject title began with an easy-to-follow, 3-hour meat-and-potatoes substantive law lecture followed by 1 hour of exam explanation and application.

This cross-training put him on the path of least resistance in the law school process. In fact, these materials so inspired him that he took Fleming's Tort defense mnemonic, and composed a catchy issue-spotting jingle. Now, Law Dawg jumps for joy while he belts out his exam anthem with Fleming's at his side:


Law Dawg is every law student's best friend because he is willing to share his secrets. He knows law school is exam-driven. He wants to help law students take a bite out of the law school process by reminding them that to excel in law school, they, like you, must excel at taking law school exams.

To excel at taking law school exams means that you must make practice writing the main bar exam courses on your study menu. The more you munch on law exams, the better you'll perform. Don't be satisfied just nibbling around the edges - commit to chow down on exams from day one.

Take it from Law Dawg. "If you want to run with the big dogs in the tall grass, stay on the trail with Fleming's at your side. Fleming's will guide you on the path to success. Its study aids give you not just the law, but the exam methods and techniques you need to nourish your skills and pass your law school exams."

Unleash your law exam potential – treat yourself to Fleming's.

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