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Performance Test Workshop - July 13-14, 2024 (Live via Zoom) - Use Code: POWER20
ON SALE!! Performance Test Workshop - July 13-14, 2024 (Live via Zoom)

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  • Fleming's provides live exam writing workshops throughout the year. You can participate in them either in person or online.

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    Fleming's provides live exam writing workshops throughout the year. You can participate in them either in person or online. These workshops are ideal for novice 1L students who want to develop the skills they will use throughout their law school career, as well as for bar exam candidates who want to refine their skills and boost their confidence. You will learn from seasoned instructors who have helped thousands of students succeed in their exams. The workshops will teach you how to analyze, organize, and write effective exam answers that will impress your professors and graders.
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  • Another Fleming's Student Aces the Baby Bar!

    Another Fleming's Student Aces the Baby Bar!

    We are delighted to share that another one of our students has aced the Baby Bar exam with an outstanding score! This is a remarkable achievement, especially considering the low pass rate of this difficult exam. Our student scored a 95 out of 100, which is well above the average score of 70. This score also puts them among the top performers in the state of California, as published by the California Bar! Congratulations, Shawn!
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Passing the CA Bar Exam With The Help of Fleming’s

Passing the CA bar exam is no easy feat. Not at all. Actually, most California lawyers agree that the CA bar exam is one of the hardest tests in the whole of the United States. It lasts for two days, both in February and July and consists of:

- Five hour-long essay questions

- A single 90-minute Performance Test

- Two hundred multiple-choice questions (MBE — Multistate Bar Examination)

Passing the CA  bar exam isn’t about who will be the best lawyer or who is the smartest person in the room. It’s about demonstrating minimum competence, and making the job of a California Bar grader simple in order to assess your exam skill. Despite hardships you may face in order  to prepare, with the help of Fleming’s, you will be able to pass the California bar exam.

On your path from a law student to a full-time lawyer, Fleming’s bar exam review products have you covered. With them, you will be able to streamline and downsize your study time, rely on regular instructions, and improve your grades quickly. Fleming’s online bar reviews allow you to study at your own pace from the comfort of your home. 

Our substantive law reviews include everything you need to succeed on CA bar exams:

- Approaches

- Strategies

- Checklists

All of them teach you how to master both learning the law and applying it on the exam. Fleming’s law reviews also condense the law for you, leaving you with a straightforward and optimized learning process.

If you want to personalize your learning experience, try our personal tutoring services. Our staff attorneys will meet with you face-to-face and help you master any particularly difficult concept or area.

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Why Choose Us

All Fleming’s professors have passed the CA bar.  They will not only teach you the law — they will train you on how to use it effectively on law exams. Besides passing the CA bar exam, Fleming’s faculty is all about outstanding scholars coming from top law schools across the nation, including Standford and Harvard. 

The expert instruction you gain from us is consistent, concrete, and actionable since we provide them under Fleming's philosophy and time-tested approaches. Our law reviews, essay writing workshops, and law school study supplements will help you pass every year of your law school study.

Forget about devoting countless hours to merely memorize the law. With Fleming’s resources, you will maximize your reasoning skills and legal knowledge. You will also develop analytical skills in order to complete every law school exam and finally the bar exam.

Learning the law is only one part of the equation. You will also need to demonstrate how good you are in applying the law on law school exams. With Fleming’s reviews, you will excel at both. Our reviews combine both steps and you get them in easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement lecture presentations.

We are the only law school resource provider with attorney readers who, through personal feedback recorded on Dropbox, help you evaluate and develop your law and analytical writing skills based on exam answers you give us.

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