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I’m in Law School…What Now???

I’m in Law School…What Now???

When you first learned that you were accepted to law school, you were elated! You couldn’t believe it! YOU were going to law school. Everyone in your life celebrated; everyone was so very proud of you.

Fleming’s has Decades of Experience Helping Law Students Thrive

Then, reality hit: you actually ARE going to law school. Gulp. How will you know what to do? What if you don’t succeed? Well, do not worry: Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law is there for you. (See Surviving your First Year of Law School.)

Fleming’s has decades of experience helping students not just “get through” law school, but they will help you actually thrive. (See Jill's Law School Success Story.) Why is Fleming’s so good at what it does? Because it can teach you how to “do” law school. Law school is not intuitive; it is not like your undergraduate experience (or even other graduate school experiences). But, Fleming’s is there to assist – take advantage of what it has to offer. Let’s take a look:

Law School Exam Prep and Substantive Outlines

Fleming’s offers Law School Exam Prep and Substantive Outlines: It does not matter what subject you are tackling – Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, or any other – Fleming’s has what you need. For each topic, you will receive a comprehensive lecture covering the substantive material as well as a companion outline to go with it. And, in addition, you will receive multiple essay exams to practice on - all with sample answers.

Fleming's Exam Writing Workshop is a MUST!

Fleming’s also offers Exam Writing Courses. The Writing Workshop Fleming’s offers is legendary. In fact, current law school professors who took Fleming’s Writing Workshop years ago recommend the course to their own students. It will help you issue spot, organize, and apply the law – all of which you need to succeed in law school! Put simply, it is a must.

Fleming's Essay Exam and Multistate Examination Workbooks 

Law school requires that you learn how to take essay exams and a very specialized type of multiple-choice question. Fleming’s can assist you with this by providing a wide variety of Exam Books to practice with, including multiple-choice and essay questions on all subjects. These will help you both in law school and, later, on the bar itself. (See Effective Test-Taking Skills.)

Custom Tutoring

Fleming’s provides personalized and individualized one-on-one tutoring for any need. Law school is challenging. You may be giving it your best shot but just cannot find your way. Fleming’s can help. It has a staff of experienced educators and law school experts who can guide you. Reach out. Let them help you.

Let Fleming’s Help Pave the Way to your Success

Whatever law school you are attending, it would not have admitted you if it did not think you could succeed. But, sometimes your raw talent and innate intelligence may not seem to be working for you as they had in the past. That is natural. Give it time; you have to learn how to “do” law school. And, there is no one better to assist you with that than Fleming’s. (See Turn Studying Into Success on your Law School Essay Exams.) They have decades of proven results. Whether you need support with substantive material, your writing, test taking skills, or crafting an individualized program that will meet your needs, Fleming’s has what you need.

You are in law school - congratulations! It is your time to succeed! Let Fleming’s  help pave the way to your success.

Fleming's Fundamentals of Law - See our Student Reviews. Get the Fleming's Edge. Let us help pave the way to your success! See what our Students have to say: Student Reviews 

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