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Flemings Fundamentals of Law

MPRE Workshop

MPRE Workshop

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MPRE Workshop

As part of the Exam Solution® series, the Professional Responsibility Substantive Law Final Exam Solution offers a comprehensive resource for mastering professional responsibility law. This package includes a 4-hour lecture covering the substantive law, supplemented by a corresponding substantive law outline for reference.

Additionally, the package includes ninety multiple-choice MBE questions with sample answers.

Topics Covered

  • Ethical standards promulgated under the ABA Codes of Professional Responsibility
  • Model rules of Judicial Conduct and leading U.S. Supreme Court cases

Course Overview

This lecture seamlessly integrates substantive rules with exam approaches and checklists to provide a comprehensive exam preparation experience. The presentation commences with an in-depth review of the substantive law, complemented by a corresponding substantive law outline for structured reference.

The course provides actual practice multiple-choice MBE questions to demonstrate effective approaches to tackling these types of questions.

As an additional bonus, you'll receive one hundred and twenty-five multiple-choice MBEs to practice at home.

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