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Flemings Fundamentals of Law

1L - Boot Camp

1L - Boot Camp

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Our 1L Boot Camp provides you with the opportunity to lay the groundwork early and familiarize yourself with the Bar Exam process. 

We have crafted a comprehensive program for 1Ls, equipping you with the legal knowledge, writing power, issue-spotting abilities, and strategies you need to shine in Law School!  


  • Exam Writing Workshop and Comprehensive Workbook
  • Exam Solutions:
    • Contracts I, Torts I, 
    • Contracts II, Torts II, and Criminal Law
  • Substantive Law Outlines 
  • Legal Essay Exam Analysis 
  • Issue-spotting Checklists
  • 1-Hour of Private Tutoring
  • Essay Exam Writing Workbook, Volume I

Course Overview

Our 1L - Boot Camp course offers you an introduction to the format and structure of the Bar Exam early in your law school career. This exposure allows you to become familiar with the types of questions, time constraints, and exam strategies well in advance, which can better prepare you for success.

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