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Exam Writing Workshop


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Legal Exam Writing Workshop

Law School, Baby Bar, Bar Exam

Learn how to craft an organized, effective Bar Exam and Law School essay response with Fleming's Exam Prep Writing Workshop and its step-by-step writing process.

Fleming's Writing Workshop was a game changer! Honestly, this was the key to my success in law school and the bar exam!
Melissa R.
Fleming's comprehensive Legal Exam Essay Writing Workshop offers actionable guidance for producing an organized legal essay exam answer. With an emphasis on step-by-step writing techniques, you also have the opportunity to submit three of your exam writings for review and comment by our bar exam professionals. Crucial for law school and bar exam success, this workshop is not to be missed.

The Exam Writing Workshop includes:

✅ Twelve hours of in-depth essay exam methods and strategies

✅ Line-by-line analysis of five in-class essays

✅ Issue spotting, organization, and outlining techniques

 Do's and Don'ts for writing a successful essay exam answer

✅ Comprehensive Writing Workbook with essay bar exam practice tests and answers 

✅ The opportunity to submit three practice exams for critique and feedback

✅ Access to Fleming’s eLearning 24-hour Online Delivery