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Fleming's Bar Review

Passing the CA bar exam isn’t about who will be the best lawyer or who is the smartest person in the room. It’s about demonstrating minimum competence, and making the job of a California Bar grader simple in order to assess your exam skill.

Choose From Six Different Bar Review Courses

See Fleming's Edge Bar Review Packages (compared)

Fleming's Fundamentals of Law offers six different bar exam review courses, (California and UBE) so you can choose the one that best suits your study needs:

  1. Self-Study Bar Review
  2. Guided Bar Review
  3. Premier Bar Review Tutorial
  4. Last Time Bar Prep™ (for repeat bar-takers)
  5. Fleming’s Edge™ Bar Bootcamp

Why You Need Fleming’s Bar Review

Fleming’s prepares you for all three Bar Exam tested formats (MBE, MEE, and MPT). You receive substantive law instruction in all bar exam subjects as well as the exam methods and strategies you need to pass the essay, multi-state MBE, and the Performance section on the bar exam.

You receive the majority of instruction directly from Professor Jeff A. Fleming, who presents the substantive law, essay, and multi-state MBE lectures. As an extra bonus, select bar review packages include AdaptiBar MBE development. With Fleming’s, you don't just buy the Fleming's name - you receive quality programming, materials, and personal instruction from bar exam experts.

Consistent Bar Review Instruction

All Fleming’s  law professors and attorney tutors are trained in Fleming's methods and strategies. With any Fleming’s Edge™ bar review program, you receive consistent instruction, personal attention, and opportunities to write and submit writing assignments to our attorney readers, who provide feedback via audio critique.

Fleming’s Edge™ Personal Tutoring Services

If you want to personalize your learning experience, try our personal tutoring services. Our professors of law attorney tutors will help you master any particularly difficult concept or area.

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