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Advanced Analysis For the Bar Exam

Advanced Analysis For the Bar Exam

Welcome to Fleming's Advanced Analysis for the CA Bar Essay Exam.

Each bar exam subject is delivered in a one-hour, multi-media video lecture series, exclusively designed for the Fleming's Edge Advanced Analysis™ course. Each subject is explored using two sets of established checklists: an outer checklist that outlines the entire subject by topic, and an inner checklist that details the specific issues within each topic. Additionally, strategies for approaching each topic are provided.

To better demonstrate how certain subjects are tested together, Advanced Analysis™ combines them into single videos. For instance, Remedies is integrated into the Torts, Contracts, and Real Property lectures. Criminal Law is incorporated into the Criminal Procedure video. Wills and Trusts are combined with the Community Property lecture. These integrations mirror the traditional approach of the Bar Examiners in combining subjects, enabling you to grasp the crossover-testing format commonly employed by the CA Bar Examiners.

You will master a user-friendly method to effectively tackle and master the essay section of the Bar Exam. This method begins with an overview of each selected subject, the "big picture," and then delves into the finer details that stem from this overview.

We wish you the utmost success!