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Free Event - Baby Bar Final Drill - Substantive Lecture - Saturday, June 15th
Free Event - Baby Bar Final Drill - Substantive Lecture

Multistate Workshop - Science of the Multistate

For over forty years, Fleming's Fundamentals of Law has been providing Writing/Substantive Law and Performance Workshops to aspiring law students, Baby Bar candidates, and Bar candidates seeking to improve their legal exam writing abilities. Our courses have been successfully incorporated into a variety of state, correspondence, and unaccredited law schools, resulting in higher student scores and pass rates.

The Science of the Multistate™ is a specialized course tailored specifically for law students and bar candidates, designed to master the essential skills needed to excel in multiple choice exams. With multiple choice tests being a vital aspect of law school and the Bar and Baby Bar Examinations, it is crucial for students to learn and excel in this format before taking their exams. Taught by Jared Gross, Esq., this comprehensive one-day, five and a half hour course focuses on logic, analysis, and reading comprehension. With accompanying course materials, students will effectively learn how to approach and interpret multiple choice questions using a step-by-step approach

Why you need the Science of the Multistate

Unleash the full potential of your legal education and excel on your Bar Exam with the comprehensive Multistate Workshop. Our program equips you with essential strategies and insights to conquer multiple choice exams, such as the MBE, Bar Exam, and Baby Bar FYLSE. The Science of the Multistate™ Workshop exposes vital knowledge that is not typically taught in law school, including:

  • logical reasoning for multiple choice questions
  • interpretation of multiple choice options
  • analysis of multiple choice questions, and
  • enhanced reading comprehension for multiple choice exams.

Materials Include

  • A comprehensive, 87-page Science of the Multistate™ Workbook that includes practice MBE questions with explanatory answers.