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ON SALE!! Performance Test Workshop - July 13-14, 2024 (Live via Zoom)

Law School Philosophy

Think like a lawyer

"Thinking like a lawyer" is based on the law school process, which begins with effective study habits learned in the first year of law school, developed in the second year, refined in the third year, and perfected through bar review. All Fleming's courses and written materials target the substantive law you must learn each year. Fleming's combines that substantive law with the methods and strategies you need to apply the law to your law school exams.

The effectiveness of Fleming's philosophy is demonstrated by the hundreds of thousands of law students who have embraced the Fleming's resources and methods over the last 40 years and who are now practicing lawyers. Let Fleming's show you the way, too!

The Fleming's Way

All Fleming's legal essay writing workshops, law reviews, and law school study supplements are devoted to assisting you during every year of your law school study. These resources maximize your legal knowledge and reasoning skills, so you are not merely devoting your study time to memorizing law - you are also spending equal time to developing your analytical skills in order to achieve success on law school exams and on the bar exam. To get more information about that area contact us!