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The Fleming’s Advantage - How to Pass the California State Bar or FYLSE Baby Bar Exams by Utilizing Our Unique Line of Study AIDS

The Fleming’s Advantage - How to Pass the California State Bar or FYLSE Baby Bar Exams by Utilizing Our Unique Line of Study AIDS

For students preparing to take the California Bar Exam or the FYLSE Baby Bar Exams, law school study aids are imperative. Fleming’s specializes in the training and techniques it takes to go from law student to lawyer. We offer a unique selection of skills courses, study guides, and study techniques to meet the needs of students taking the exams for the first time as well as for students retaking the exams. Currently, Fleming’s is not holding in-person sessions. However, they have been providing fully online instruction for years - including having their own eLearning site. As such, Fleming’s is able to meet the needs of students preparing for the CA Bar and FYLSE Baby Bar with their comprehensive line of study aids. 

Fleming’s Skills Courses for Law Students Provide the Comprehensive Instruction You Need to Take and Pass the CA Bar and FYLSE Baby Bar.

Passing the CA Bar or Baby Bar exams on the first attempt is the goal of every student. Therefore, choosing the appropriate skills course for law students is an important decision. My recommendation for first-time takers of the CA Bar exam is Fleming’s Premier Tutorial Package because it provides a full-service bar review course and twenty-three hours of private tutorial with Fleming's expert private bar exam tutors, all of whom are licensed CA attorneys. Students receive a full, online bar review course and personalized tutoring, which targets areas of weakness and turns them into strengths. This study course may be expensive for some students, but it is a good return on investment because the exams are only administered twice a year. The sooner you pass, the sooner you become a practicing attorney.  

Fleming’s also has a long-term, fully online skills course for law students preparing for both exams. These feature 24/7 online access to previously recorded live lectures on Fleming’s eLearning website, substantive outlines for each subject, and MBE training. The CA Bar course includes training for the Performance Exam as well as weekly testing of writing assignments with feedback and MBEs. The FYLSE Baby Bar course affords students the opportunity to submit bar exam practice tests for feedback. The testing and feedback are essential because it is very difficult for students to assess their own progress when studying for these exams.  

Students who are retaking the exams must assess their needs prior to deciding if a skills course is the correct choice to prepare. If you did not pass, I recommend that you take a skills course because you need to build a better foundation for success, which includes learning areas of the subjects you did not learn in law school by watching the lectures and using the substantive outlines to make sure you know all the elements of your rules. Students also benefit immensely from the feedback of our attorney tutors.  

If you did not pass the CA Bar due to your essay exams, the Advanced Analysis course may be a good fit for you because its focus is issue spotting and writing on each substantive subject. It also includes writing one practice exam for each subject, which will be critiqued by one of Fleming’s attorney tutors. 

Fleming’s Study Guides for Law Students will Hone Your Skills to Achieve A Passing Grade

For students who choose not to take a skills course, Fleming’s offers several study guides for law students to prepare for the exams. A student may be strong in certain subjects but may need assistance with others. If that is the case, Fleming’s has very affordable workbooks that cover these subjects. They make excellent self-instruction manuals for practicing and perfecting your issue spotting, analysis, and writing skills. We also have MBE workbooks that cover multiple subjects, which you can utilize to master your MBEs as well as continue your learning of the law when reading the detailed answers. 

Fleming’s Performance Exam Solution® Manual is an excellent study guide for law students because it provides you what you need to pass the 90-minute Performance Exam. This is necessary because preparing for the Performance Exam generally is not taught in law school and it’s a common area where students struggle. This study guide for law students presents our step-by-step performance method for analyzing, organizing, and writing a passing Performance Exam answer.

Master the Bar-Tested Subjects By Applying Fleming’s Study Techniques for Law Students

Within the materials for its skills courses and study guides, Fleming’s provides several tried and true study techniques for law students. The Fleming’s MBE books provide students with several techniques on how to be successful on the MBEs. Some of these techniques include - identifying the subject, how to increase reading comprehension, how to narrow down the answer choices (which increases speed and accuracy), and how to stay calm. Lots of practice, as well as implementing the Fleming’s techniques, assist students with increasing their scores on the MBEs. 

The Legal Exam Writing Workshop has fantastic tips regarding outlining and writing exam answers. Fleming’s substantive outlines contain targeted study techniques for law students because they provide different layers of writing analysis - some students are looking for a 70, while others want to knock it out of the park.  The outlines clearly provide the general rules, but they also state the exceptions. As the exceptions are frequently tested, it is important to know, spot, and be able to write on these exceptions. The substantive outlines also provide “Caveats” which provide students with deeper insight regarding certain rules. My overall favorite is the “Pro Tip”, which is an excellent study technique for law students who want to take their writing to a deeper level - which equates to more points. 

It takes hard work, dedication, and study aids to prepare and pass the CA Bar and FYLSE Baby Bar, so order one of Fleming’s study aids today to get started on your road to success from law student to lawyer.

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