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Jared Gross

Professor Jared Gross, a Santa Clara graduate, is a nationally-known multiple-choice examination expert who achieved a perfect score on the LSAT and who teaches MBE skills for the Fleming's Bar Review.


Professor Gross graduated from the Santa Clara University School of Law in 1993. He went on to pass the CA Bar Examination, in addition to several others.

Professor Gross has served as the Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law MBE bar review instructor for the last seventeen years. He also created the Fleming's Science of the MBE Workshop, a one-day MBE skills-building course that is integrated into the mandatory curriculum at several CA law schools.

Professor Gross has the distinction of having earned a perfect score on the LSAT he took for admission to law school, which demonstrates his innate talent with MBE skills. He has authored numerous books on Multistate Bar Examination preparation, including "The Science of the Multistate: The Formula for Multiple Choice Success, The Rules of the Road—An Introduction to the Multistate Method,” and "Constitutional Law Update: Selected 1991-1993 U.S. Supreme Court Decisions." These publications are used as mandatory texts in several law schools throughout the country. In addition, Professor Gross has authored numerous articles that have been regularly published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal.


For sixteen years, Attorney Gross served as a national director and multistate instructor for PMBR, a nationally-known bar examination multistate course. In addition, he served as an adjunct professor at Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, CA.

Professor Gross maintains a private practice in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in personal injury and business litigation. To get more information about that area contact us!