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Baby Bar Review - Jun & Oct FYLSX


Maximize your potential with Fleming's Law Prepare and a comprehensive learning experience designed to give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to ace the baby bar examination.

Enjoy Flexibility with Structure and Accountability

Learn from 12 hours of intensive, video-based instruction to bolster your understanding of torts, contracts, and criminal law with a full day dedicated to legal writing, approaches, mnemonics, and MBE test-taking strategies. Weekly practice opportunities with grading and feedback contribute to your passing score.

Walk into the exam with the Fleming’s edge and the confidence you need to pass the test.

 You Get Flexibility

A convenient program that lets you work at your own pace. No problem if you need to break - you can resume anytime, or speed up or slowdown at a pace you can manage. 

You Get Structure and Accountability

Engage weekly in timed sessions over Zoom every mid-week and weekend, honing your subject matter approach, time management, and issue spotting. Submit your practice exams for review and constructive feedback on the following day.

 You Get the Opportunity to Form Study Groups and Network (or, not)

Connect with driven peers! Build relationships and collaborate with a motivated cohort, studying together for six weeks and offering each other essential support.

 You Get the Convenience of Online Study

Enhance your substantive knowledge with four-days of online videos from the top bar review professor, Jeff Fleming! Explore substantive law (Torts, Contracts, & Criminal Law), plus MBE strategy and writing workshop tutorials, all for baby bar prep. Learn with comfort and confidence!

 Digital Companion Materials

Digital companion materials save money and offers the ease of searching for specific content and making notes or flashcards. 

Digital Companion Materials Included

Print Materials Sold Separately

Available for separate purchase to Fleming's Students enrolled in the Baby Bar Review Workshop: Fleming's Three-Volume Set of printed companion materials

(Reminder: Digital materials already accompany Fleming's Baby Bar Review Workshop.)