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Peter Lee

Professor Peter Lee, a Pacific Coast University School of Law graduate, is an Associate Professor at the Pacific Coast University School of Law who teaches the Exam Focus System™, one of the Fleming's Baby Bar preparation courses


Professor Peter Lee received his Juris Doctor degree at Pacific Coast University School of Law in 1991, where he distinguished himself as the graduating class valedictorian. For the next seven years, Professor Lee worked for BarBri, grading student answers and writing and editing sample bar exam answers. At the same time, West Publishing retained Professor Lee to author a test bank in all testing modalities, including MBE and essay, to accompany its Business Law course book. The subjects in which Professor Lee created test banks include Torts, Contracts, Property, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Agency, Anti-Trust, Environmental Law, and Cyber Law.


For the last twenty-two years, Professor Lee has dedicated himself as a legal scholar and teaching professional. In addition to the extensive work Professor Lee has done in the area of legal exam writing and editing, he has also taught Agency & Partnership, Corporations, Wills, Trusts, Remedies, Community Property, Professional Responsibility, and Civil Procedure for over fifteen years. 

Professor Lee has been a guest lecturer in business law at CA State University Long Beach, a law lecturer for the Convisor-Duffy CPA Review Course, and an interim Administrative Dean at Abraham Lincoln University School of Law.

Professor Lee has over twenty years experience in bar review, both for law schools and review courses. Professor Lee authored the substantive law Agency & Partnership outline that is used in the Fleming's Bar Review. In addition, Professor Lee, in collaboration with Professor Fleming, designed and created the Exam Focus System sm, which is an inter-active, online chat course that prepares law students to take the First Year Law Students Exam (FYLSE), also known as the Baby Bar.

Currently, Professor Lee serves as a Professor of Law at the Pacific Coast University School of Law, where he teaches Remedies and Advanced Analysis for bar candidates. 

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