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Performance Test Workshop - July 13-14, 2024 (Live via Zoom) - Use Code: POWER20
ON SALE!! Performance Test Workshop - July 13-14, 2024 (Live via Zoom)

The Performance Test Solution

Conquer the Bar: Harness the Power of Performance Testing

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Under the guidance of Susan Sneidmiller, acclaimed author and respected law professor, participants will experience a rigorous curriculum through a live, interactive videostream. This workshop is meticulously structured to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to tackle the performance test with confidence. With Prof. Sneidmiller's expert instruction, you'll learn to navigate complex legal scenarios and articulate your arguments with precision.


Join us for this transformative two-day journey and emerge with a fortified understanding of the performance test, ready to achieve excellence on the bar exam.



Master the Art of Writing a Successful Performance Answer. Fleming’s Performance Workshop is designed to provide you with a comprehensive skill set for the 90-minute MPT, including:

  1. Systematic Guidance: Step-by-step instructions to master the Performance Exam with strategic insights on timing and tactics.

  2. Analytical Patterns: A clear understanding of the four analytical domains that are frequently assessed in MPTs.

  3. Exam Call Interpretation: The ability to accurately interpret exam calls, ensuring all pertinent issues are addressed.

  4. Resource Utilization: Techniques for efficiently navigating the File and Library to extract essential legal and factual information.

  5. Time Strategy: Specialized time management methods developed specifically for the Performance Test.

  6. Extensive Practice: Opportunities for in-class exercises, performance tests with detailed explanations, and take-home practice tests for evaluation and critique.