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Attorney's Exam Guided Bar Review

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Passing the CA bar exam is not about who is the smartest person in the room or who will be the best lawyer. It’s about demonstrating minimum competence, and making the job of a California Bar grader simple in order to assess your exam skill.

Test preparation

Granted, passing the CA bar exam is no easy feat. Not at all. Actually, most California lawyers agree that the CA bar exam is one of the hardest tests in the United States. 

The Attorneys' Examination is administered over one day and is comprised of:

  • Morning session: Three 1-hour essay questions; and
  • Afternoon session: One 90-minute Performance Test

Fleming's Edge Attorney's Exam Bar Review prepares you for both the essay and performance formats tested on the CA Bar Attorney's Exam. You receive substantive law instruction in all CA bar exam subjects in addition to licensed Essay Exams and Performance Tests with the methods and strategies required to pass the Attorney's Exam.

The course is hosted through Fleming's e-Learning site, allowing you to fully participate at your own pace in the comfort of your own surroundings.

Why You Need Fleming's Bar Review 

The Fleming's Edge Attorney's Exam Bar Review prepares you for both formats tested on the CA Bar Attorney's Exam. You receive substantive law instruction in all CA bar exam subjects in addition to the needed bar exam questions with the methods and strategies required to pass the Essay and Performance sections.

You are given bar exam practice tests with regular writing assignments. All submitted writing assignments are critiqued by Fleming's staff of private bar exam tutors via audio feedback.

Because Flemings understands bar exam preparation can create stress for any bar candidate, the Fleming's Online Bar Review includes relaxation training by a noted hypnotherapist.

Fleming's staff attorneys are available to answer your questions by telephone or e-mail Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

You have access to the online program for either the February or July bar exam. Access will conclude on the last day of the bar exam for which you are preparing. Access to the online program is non-transferrable.

Materials Include

Fleming's provides each student with two volumes of carefully developed substantive law outlines in the 15 Bar Subjects, a 150 page Writing Workbook, an extensive Performance Manual containing 12-18 performance exams, a past Bar hypothetical book containing over 185 exam hypotheticals, IRAC model outlines/answers, passing student answers and much more.

All of these materials are used in class.

Personalize your Learning Experience with Custom Tutoring

If you want to personalize your learning experience, try custom tutoring. Fleming's tutors are seasoned professors of law and CA-licensed attorneys. Our tutors will help you master substantive concepts and test formats (essay and performance).

Premier Bar Review with 15-Hours of Private Tutoring. A Full Emersion Learning Experience

If you want full emersion in your learning experience, Fleming's Edge Premier Bar Review and Tutorial is for you. Our Premier Tutorial Package provides you with a full-service bar review course and 15-hours of personalized, individual tutoring with a seasoned professor and expert bar exam tutor. You and your bar exam tutor will chart the schedule for your tutorial sessions according to your own personal study needs.