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Exam Solution - Corporations



As part of the Exam Solution® Series, the Corporations Substantive Law Final Exam Solution offers a comprehensive resource for mastering corporations law. This package includes a 6-hour pre-recorded lecture that thoroughly covers the substantive law related to corporations, along with a corresponding substantive law outline for reference.

In addition to the lecture and outline, the package includes three essay exams with sample answers.

Topics Covered

  • Formation
  • Promoter Transactions
  • Pre/Post Incorporation Agreements
  • Powers and Management
  • Duty of Care/Loyalty
  • SEC Violations
  • Closed Corporations
  • Capitalization
  • Regulation of Securities
  • Shares and Dividends
  • Redemption/Repurchase
  • Fundamental Changes in Corporate Structure

Course Overview

Immerse yourself in the full exam preparation experience with this lecture, as it combines substantive rules, exam strategies, and checklists into a seamless and comprehensive package. You'll start with an in-depth review of the substantive law, aided by a corresponding outline for easy reference. Then, test your knowledge with two practice exams that showcase proper exam skills. As a special bonus, you can also complete a third practice essay exam and have it evaluated and graded by our team of experienced attorneys.