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Free Event - Baby Bar Final Drill - Substantive Lecture - Saturday, June 15th
Free Event - Baby Bar Final Drill - Substantive Lecture

Exam Solution - Constitutional Law I

The Exam Solution® series offers the Constitutional Law I Substantive Law Final Exam Solution, a 4-hour lecture recorded by professor Jeff Fleming, along with a detailed outline and three sample essay exams and answers.


Procedure, Federal Power Sources, Federal-State Conflicts, Intergovernmental Immunities, Separation of Powers, Due Process, Eminent Domain, Contract Clause.


This four-hour Constitutional Law I Substantive Law lecture merges the substantive rules with exam techniques and checklists. It starts with an in-depth review of the substantive law, accompanied by a detailed outline. Throughout the presentation, approaches and checklists are woven in to bolster your legal understanding and analytical abilities.

Following this, two actual practice exams are provided to demonstrate proper exam skills for law students and guide you in preparing for your law school exams. They teach you how to decipher the questions, identify issues, organize them, and craft superior responses, employing the study tips, strategies, and methods essential for success.

Additionally, you receive a third practice essay exam to complete and send to our attorney readers for assessment and feedback. This critique acts as a study aid, offering personalized advice on improving your exam techniques. Along with this, you'll get a model answer and comprehensive audio feedback via Dropbox from our attorney readers within a fortnight of submitting your essay to Fleming's offices.

This course is designed to integrate substantive law with legal essay exam analysis and demonstrations, plus the chance to have your essays reviewed by our attorney readers. This fusion not only broadens your legal knowledge but also sharpens your skills in issue spotting, analysis, and application for legal exams. Completing this course will equip you with the study methods necessary for outstanding performance in law school.