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Advanced Analysis: Constitutional Law

Advanced Analysis courses are meticulously designed to prepare candidates for the essay segment of the California bar examination, covering all 15 subjects in detail. This digital platform offers checklists to pinpoint issues and underscore subtle but critical points that may be missed. Additionally, it provides seasoned advice on checklist creation, supplemented by three mock exams and corresponding model answers for each topic. A unique feature is the opportunity to receive individualized audio critiques from a seasoned lawyer and bar exam coach on a practice essay, which can significantly improve essay-writing skills. 


Supplement your bar review course. Fleming's Advanced Analysis distills each bar exam subject into one-hour video presentations with subject area checklists and exam approaches. Constitutional Law Topics covered: Federal Power Sources, Federal-State Conflicts, Intergovernmental Immunities, Separation of Powers, Due Process, Eminent Domain, Contract Clause, Due Process, State Action, Equal Protection, 13th / 14th / 15th Amendments, 1st Amendment Rights, Speech, Association, Press, Religion.

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