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Bar Mentor Add-on


Gain access to a Fleming’s Bar Mentor and AdaptiBar or UWorld with Fleming's Bar Review Add-on. With a bar mentor’s personalized guidance coupled with AdaptiBar's or UWorld's timed MBEs and data-driven analytics to empower your study efforts, you can be assured that you'll stay on course and have the right resources to pass the bar exam!

The 8-to12-Week Bar Mentor Add-on Includes:

✅ One-hour initial consultation with a Fleming's Bar Mentor to devise a personalized plan just for you;

✅ Bi-weekly meetings with your Bar Mentor to keep you on track, monitor your progress, and adjust your schedule, if necessary; and

✅ Access to AdaptiBar or UWorld to practice and perfect your MBE.

We wish you happy results on the Bar Exam!