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Your Fourth Year of Law School

Fleming's + 4L = Vision

Your fourth year of law school brings you closer to your career as a lawyer, so you must master your legal knowledge and the critical reasoning skills you need to succeed. Fleming's resources help you finish strong and keep you on target for success on the bar examination.

Resources Include

  • Substantive law outlines that streamline the time it takes to learn the law;
  • Substantive law reviews combined with test-taking approaches and checklists that give you the methods, strategies and techniques to perfect your ability to apply law to facts;
  • Essay and multiple choice exam books that provide you with opportunities to practice and perfect the reasoning skills you must demonstrate on law school exams;
  • Private tutorial services with licensed attorneys who maximize your learning experience through individual tutoring sessions customized to your particular needs.
  • Six different bar reviews from which to choose

4L Tools For Success

After 35 years as a legal education provider, Fleming’s knows you must stay motivated, study smart, and plan ahead for the upcoming bar examination. You do not have time to spend figuring out how to keep your focus while you maintain your class standing and prepare for the bar examination.

Fleming’s study guides are the best law school exam prep books and resources anywhere because they eliminate your need to reinvent the wheel. Fleming’s helps you chart your career path to success with a large selection of CA bar exam review courses: substantive law reviews, substantive law outlines, exam writing workshops, exam workbooks, private tutorial services, and other resources that maximize your learning and minimize the time it takes you to accomplish your objectives.

Benefits As A 4L

Your fourth-year goals are to strongly finish your law school classes and prepare for the bar examination. Fleming’s is the only legal education provider that shows you the way. Fleming's substantive law reviews, substantive law outlines, exam writing workshops, exam workbooks, and private tutorial services teach you to study smart, master the law, perfect your analytical skills and get the most out of your study time. The sooner you make Fleming's your study partner, the greater your chances for success will be.