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Best of luck on the Bar Exam!
Best of luck on the Bar Exam!

Exam Solution - Contracts II

Transform your understanding of Contracts II with Exam Solution - Contracts II. Featuring renowned law professor, Prof. Fleming, this 4-hour recording includes an in-depth lecture, comprehensive outline, and three sample essay exams with detailed answers. Become a master in Contracts II with Exam Solution® series!


Brief Review of Formation & Defenses, Third Party Rights, Performance, Breach, Remedies/U.C.C. Supplement.



This 4-hour Contracts II Substantive Law lecture integrates substantive rules with exam approaches and checklists. The thorough presentation includes a comprehensive substantive law review and corresponding outline, as well as embedded approaches and checklists to enhance your legal knowledge and reasoning skills. In addition, two real practice exams are provided to demonstrate proper exam skills for law students, and to guide you in preparing for your own law school exam. You will learn how to interpret question prompts, identify issues, organize your thoughts, and write a top-notch answer based on these issues, using proven exam study tips, strategies, and methods. As a special bonus, you can submit a third practice essay exam for personalized evaluation and grading by our experienced attorneys. This invaluable feedback will serve as a valuable study guide for law students. This skills course combines substantive law, legal essay exam analysis, and personalized feedback from our attorney readers, giving you the essential tools to excel in law school.


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